Tuesday, February 11, 2014

To my Ukrainian friends: 'Please stop this Euro-bashing!'

I'm following discussions like these of Jörg Drescher and Andrzej Stasiuk on Europe now for quite a while. Although, 'discussion' is to much honour for this kind of contributions. It's more Euro-bashing. And why? Beats me. The facts are these: The EU is by far the most promising project woldwide when it comes to peaceful living together. The EU is over time by far the most promising economic project world wide. The EU created a common ground of decency for 28 European nations in 60 years. The EU is the only political project worldwide which shows some capacity for moral learning. And yes, the EU knows what revolutions are, why they are the most bloody forms of political change. So, in stead of EU bashing, cherrish the support you get consistently on a daily basis, starting from November 21. And maybe, just maybe, don't ask yourself what EU can learn from you, but what you can learn from EU.


  1. to ruud mey: you speak words direct from my heart and brain. say it again and again, please, because not many people see this simple truth. inside and outside europe. thank you.
    noud van kempen.