Saturday, January 11, 2014

Taras Timo, A new escalation of brutal violence

A new escalation of brutal violence on the part of government and special police forces ("Berkut"): today the judge pronounced the final sentence to three young men imprisoned on false accusations of destroying a Lenin's monument. They are sentenced to 6 years in prison on the charges of (!) terrorism. People who protested next to the court building were brutally bitten by Berkut.

This provoked a new wave of outrage from the protesters which lead to the blockade of police buses by the activists of AutoMaidan. The blocked buses stayed there till midnight, when the police took another effort to unblock buses, and again a beating took place in which several known civic activists were badly wounded, including a former police minister Yuriy Lutsenko.
Finally people pressed the blocked Berkut police to uncover their faces and go through the crowd of protesters. This was an extremely humiliating and demoralizing procedure, with every single policemen revealing their identity and exposed to public ridicule and condemnation. This is really a night of shame and complete moral bancrupcy of the Berkut and the regime's police! And this is a great peaceful and dignified victory of protesters, civic activists (no oopositional leader participated in the events, only several parlamentaries). 

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