Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mr. Andryi Sadovyi, mayor of L'viv: 'They unfold our country into atotalitairian way.'

This is the English translation of the speech of Mr. Andryi Sadovyi, mayor of L'viv, regarding the passing of laws by the Ukrainian Parlement on Januari 16.

"Good day! On Thursday, Parliament passed a series of laws that are contrary to common sense and the Constitution of Ukraine. They unfold our country into a totalitarian way.
Cite a simple example. As you know, Lviv included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. We have a lot of objects to be reconstructedFrom the Ukrainian state in the last 5 years, we have received no onehryvniaInstead, we do have support from the German government, the Polish Government, the Government of Norway. So, now all of us can be called foreign agents, because our country does not have money for this, but governments of other countries help us? The same can be said today about the NGOs, which are very much in Lviv and are actively working with partners from abroad, and do many good deeds: helping children, helping disabled people, older peopleAll of these that happening recently - it's totalitarianism, this is not the Ukrainian scenario, similar laws are present in totalitarian countries. I will use all the powers granted to me by the laws, in order to protect the citizens of Lviv, to us in Lviv has always been common sense. Because no law contrary to the common sense of life thereThe world belongs to the strong. Our strength in ourselves - so always said Metropolitan Andrey. Before us is a hard road, but we need it to go. We need to be together, we shall overcome. I would like to give an example of one victory. As you know, one of the Communists went to court in order to have canceled our decision, according to which UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) soldiers are supported 1000 UAH per month. These young guys and girls at one time took weapon and fought for their ancestral land. They did not seize foreign territories, they defended their own, theywere going to die. Those who remained - are our heroes! The state does not recognize them belligerent, they have no rights. They have rights in the City - it is our sacred duty. We will always help them. And to completion. We are strong in our traditions. InLviv, Sunday at 14.00 at Market Square we traditionally dedicate water. I invite all to worship. Thank you. I wish you all prosperity. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!"
(Translation Ihor Ohorodnyk)

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