Sunday, January 12, 2014

10 vows of Euromaidan: preambule

We the people, citizens of Euromaidan,

... do not consider ourselves as something special. We are no saints. Nor do we want something special. We just want a promising future for every Ukrainian. We want a decent, non corrupt state, a free market, a fair distribution of public goods, the protection of civic liberties and an alliance with Europe. 

... consider a decent Ukrainian state as crucial for this future. However, this decent state doesn't exist in our country. The Ukriainian state lacks integrity, lacks an independent juridical power, lacks an effective parliamentary control of the executive, lacks a credible political opposition, lacks a decent and trustworthy political party, lacks a grass roots political culture. 

... are committed to accomplish this decent state. This is an ordeal. It will not be decided tomorrow, next week, or even next year. It's gonna be a protracted struggle. That is why we need some simple vows to live by and show what we stand for. In these vows we make an engagement. We promise to live by what we owe to each other, to every Ukrainian.

... are not interested in power. We don't want to become politicians, but only political responsible citizens. We are democrats in a non democratic state. As citzens we are without power, but not without force. We are a civic forum where politicians are accountable to. That's how we contribute to a decent political culture in Ukraine.

... will fail now and then. We are just as clever or stupid as everyone else in this world. But we consider ourselves reponsible for what we do, and accountable for our mistakes and errors. It's very clear for us that we need to learn. By making these vows to each other, and all our fellow citizens, we engage ourselves in this moral learning proces.

... invite every Ukrainian, regardless where you live, which language you speak, or which poltical party you support to embrace our vows. It is a choice, and you are free to chose. If you join us, you become one of us, the citizens of Euromaidan. If you don't, you are one of them. These are the vows every Ukraine can share and the choice every Ukrainian should and can make: 10 vows to make a moral difference

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