Monday, December 2, 2013

Update from Euromaidan: yesterdays overview (by Taras Tymo)

December 1st 2013, 22nd anniversary of Ukraine’s plebiscite vote on independence was the second day of protest after the failure of Pres. Yanukovych to sign the association agreement with the EU and after the police violence break out at Maydan (Independence square) on early morning Nov. 30th.

The main protest rally is in Kyiv (people gathered in two separate locations and moved to the Maydan (Independence square). The rally started at 12:00 PM with a huge number of protesters (from 250 thousand to half million by various estimates). At the same time all Russian channels report ‘tens of thousands’ people present. The participants of the demonstration come mainly from Kyiv and Western Ukraine (numerous buses arrived to Kyiv from Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and other cities).

The protest started on November 21 as protest of students, mainly organized with social media like Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Party flags were, and are stricktly formidden: "No Flags!" Meanwhile oppositional leaders got involved: Klytchko - the leader of his own part called "UDAR" (which means in Ukrainian a punch, a hit, a strike). Yatsenjuk - the leader of the former Yulia Tymoshenko party (as her depute) and of his own small party. Tjahnybok - the leader of the Svoboda party. They are joined by a progressive oligarch Petro Poroshenko and Yuriy Lutsenko (who spent about two years in prison under the current regime). They are trying to direct the crowds and to calm down ultra-radicals (who want violente struggle).

The rallies yesterday were held held allover Ukraine (Lviv – 25 000 people, Ternopil 15 000, Sumy – 4000 people, Kharkiv – 2000 people, Donetsk – 500 people, Odessa – 200 people).

The mood of people in regional cities is very peaceful and positive, there is no violence or aggression. People are determined to stand on the streets as long as it takes to change the government. For tomorrow, the all-national strike is proclaimed.

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