Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The undeclared state of emergency: the government as a criminal

Kyiv, Lviv, December 8 - Today is the peak of the conflict. 
"At noon hundreds of special police forces surrounded Maydan and we expected an attack. But they only blocked the square." The subway was closed for most or the day. Official channels say that the subway was closed because of the possibility of a bomb. But it was obvious that this was another example of the regular lying and misinformation from the side of the government. Journalists went down and were told that there are a lot of soldiers. 
There are two types of soldiers: regular army and special division. Today four guys from the regular army fainted at Maydan because they don't feed them 24 hours, but these are not dangerous. The special division is dangerous. The regular army are locals and the special division is said to be from the pro-russian part of Ukraine: Krimea semi island. They are violent guys and they really fight for the idea. Their home country is Russia, not in real, but ideologically. In the 1970th it belonged to Russia officially.

Peaceful protest and government raids

Oppositional blockposts near government buildings were surrounded and pressed by the police. There was a high chance of violence. People are very peaceful, determined to endure. Offices of several oppositional parties and leading web news services were raided and blocked. The office of the Timochencko party, Batkivshchyna was sacked and their servers stolen or destroyed, obviously backed by a court order, that was accusing them of fraud. It's this misuse of the law - political justice - that's part of general practice of the Yunukovych government. The channels that screened Maydan, like Chanel 5 are all blocked. They say that the hacker attacks are made from Krasnodar in Russia. The same with the sites of the oppositional newspapers, like Kyiv Post. "We communicate only via Facebook." Also in Lviv students are reported to be accused by prosecutors. It all gives the feeling of a non declared state of emergency.

International support

People at Maydan are quite disappointed by very week international support by politicians. On the other hand, Barosso made a fine and convincing statement praising the Ukrainian young people teaching Europe what Europe is all about. The vice president of the United States, Jo Biden, warned Yanukovich not to use violence against protesters. Ashton is visiting Kyiv tomorrow. So it seems that international pressure is building up. But it could be too little, too late.

Tonight's the night?

The night is expected to be very dangerous. At 9:00 pm there are at least 10.000 people at Maydan and the blockposts. At least 2-3.000 are expected to stay overnight. At 0:30 am Kateryna Kruk twittered form inside Kyiv City Hall that all women are evacuated. Sometime earlier the electricity was cut off. Kyiv Post journalist Christopher Miller captured the mood very well in his tweet: "Storming opposition headquaters and media offices is unacceptable, sends worrying signals about events tonight in euromaidan." (Orysya, Taras, Rudi)

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