Thursday, December 5, 2013

The talks of today (by Taras Tymo)

1. People continue to actively protest in Kyiv. It is hard to estimate the number of protesters, but it is tens of thousands. Everyday about 2000 people come from Lvivalone. People rotate and take turns (some go back home to take rest, and new people come). At first the opposition disappointed protesters with the absence of any clear plan of action (especially after yesterdays unsuccessful endeavor to vote for the government's resignation). But more and more voices on the street say we simply have to stand here, to be present on the streets and to continue protests. This seems the only realistic and non-violent scenario. It seems like time and patience are the crucial points in protests. PEOPLE ARE NATURALLY IMPATIENT, BUT THEY ALSO UNDERSTAND THAT PEACEFUL PROTESTS AND ENDURANCE ARE THE ONLY WAY TO CHANGE THE SITUATION IN A POSITIVE WAY.

2. The regime started repressions. 9 innocent people were severely beaten by police special forces and arrested on Sunday, some other criminal investigations are in process against many protesters, the procurator's office started inquiries in many universities about the students who participate in protests, gathering information about them; there are cases that police officers come home to many activists threatening them.

3. People are stressed, but peaceful and inspired. They anxiously await the intervention of European diplomats and politicians (media spread the news about a group of politicians from Bruxelles, and some Polish diplomats visiting Ukraine to participate in 'peace talks').

4. Protests in many cities continue with still high numbers of people going to Kyivevery day.

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