Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"It feels like we live in a cage."

Lviv, December 10 - "It feels like we live in a cage. 65 young men from Kyiv Academy of Police are under tribunal because they refused to go againsts the people on Maidan. They are 18-19 years old. They have no lawyers and now people on Facebook try to do their best to support them and to show example to the police forces, so they won't be afraid."

"Mykola Kniazhytskyi, The leading person on the TVi channel has been invited to the prosecutor office this morning. He wrote in his Facebook: 'I have been convincing police not to battle their own people of Ukraine, now I will try to convince the prosecutors.'"

"Oleh Panas, Lviv photographer was caught by two people dressed like civilians in the middle of Lviv. They forced him into the car and left. The people took a picture of the car number and went to the police. It didn't help much. Last evening the mayor announced on his facebook that the guy has been transported to Kyiv for questioning. They charge him 5! different criminal offences. The reason are the pictures below that he took before the police started to beat people."

"They not only arrest activists, they also arrest their lawyers.  One was beaten up a day before and accused of threatening the life of the judge! The theater of absurd!"

"What surprises me is that this is not the president or prime minister who catches people in the streets, but regular citizens of Ukraine are the ones who do violence against other people. Are they from the different planet? All these prosecutors, officers and regular office employees."

"Now something encouraging. The international satalite systems counted 2,4 million people in streets of Kyiv on the last Sunday," (Orysya)

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