Friday, December 27, 2013

Euromaidan is bigger than Maidan!

There are those opinions which keeps your mind busy. That's the case with the interview with Igor Lutsenko translated and published on

I would very much like to change arguments with Igor Lutsenko. I was at Euromaidan in Kyiv, Lviv and Amsterdam. I certainly admire the sacrifices people at Kyiv Maidan are making every day in difficult circumstances. But I doubt the assessment Igor is making of what Euromaidan is.
For one thing Euromaidan is bigger than Maidan. Euromaidan has no centre, no square. Euromaidan = every Ukrainian who wants to live in a decent state with a fair free market economy, and his or her dignity as a human being respected. All these Ukrainians have the right to be represented at Maidan. And Maidan has the obligation to acknowledge this right. Second, Euromaidan is even bigger than Ukraine. Look at it this way: where Ukraine goes, in the end Russia goes. Where Russia goes the world goes. That makes Euromaidan these days the heart of the world. That is represented in the public debate on the significance, meaning and strategy of Euromaidan all over the world. Third, I don't like these warlike rhetorics of 'us and them', of occupation and decision oriented activism. It is simply to narrow minded. If I may add a prediction: Euromaidan isn't gonna be decided in Kyiv. It's gonna be decided in the heads of Ukrainian citizens in cities, towns, villages, factories, offices, neighbourhoods, civil services and universities all over Ukraine. One lesson Maidan has to learn is how to become antipolitical: not aiming at the centre of hard political power, but at building soft political power in the capillaries of the civil society. In the meantime my heart, sympathy and critical solidarity is with Igor Lutsenko.

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