Monday, December 9, 2013

'We believe in ourselves' Lviv again ralies on Euromaidan (by Ihor)

Lviv, December 8 - Not only in Kyiv, but also in Lviv thousands of people demanded the resignation of Yanokovych, the release of 'political prisoners' and the signing of the Association Agreement. At least 15.000 assembled at the Shevchenko Monument. Today a lot of Ukrainians from different cities all over the world joined the action March of Millions in Ukraine. I saw on TV about Valencia, New York, Detroit, Boston Paris, Viena, ... It was amaizing to see how Ukrainians from other countries supported us!!! Also today we saw people in biggest cities in Ukraine and they were set up very strongly.

In Lviv this evening was interesting too because we have another action named 'Be carefull! The owner is from Party of Regions!'. People went to institutions where the owners are representatives of Party of Regions and pasted leaflets 'Be carefull! The owner is from Party of Regions!'. So as of now no one citizen of Lviv should buy something in this institutions (cafe, restoran, bar, shop, etc.) We believe in ourselves! (Ihor)

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