Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Youth of Donetsk writes a letter to Lviv protesters: 'We also want to be a part of Europe' (Kyiv Post, 27-11-2013)

A group calling itself the youth community of Donetsk wrote pro-European protesters in Lviv a letter in Vkontakte, a Russian version of Facebook, reportedLvivski Novyny newspaper.

The letter greets the Lviv readers “from the glorious Ukrainian city of Donetsk,”adding that Ukraine’s fifth largest city is an intrinsic part of the country.

It continued: “We are a progressive community of caring citizens who in this difficult time write to you because we would like for you to know the truth about Donetsk.”

It goes on to say that the youth in Donetsk also want to be a “part of the civilized European world.”

The letter expressed regret that the “government, in proclaiming itself to be a ‘big Euro-integrator’, showed its true face.”

“The criminal regime of (President Viktor) Yanukovych-(Prime Minister Mykola) Azarov, who while pursuing their narrow interests and earning money from Moscow, have suspended the process of signing the association agreement with the European Union,” read the letter.

It stated that the nation’s future is under threat and says that “a war has been declared upon us” by an “anti-Ukrainian government,” one that is associated with “hatred towards its own people, with treason, deceit, extortion, corruption, and disregard for laws and basic human rights.”

The letter’s authors proclaim that Ukraine is Europe, and is proud of its nation and history.

“Dear Lviv residents…although hundreds of kilometers separate us, we are one with our thoughts and together our hearts beat in unison,” the letter continues. “We want to assure you that Donetsk will always be a part of greater Ukraine and not part of Russkiy Mir (Russian world) or Little Russia.”

It concluded: “Let every Ukrainian, from Lviv to Donetsk, know that they are not alone…but it is (equally) important always to remain a human being…we pulling for you with all our souls and sincerely wish you success in your struggle. We are with you! Together and until the end!” – Mark Rachkevych

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