Thursday, November 28, 2013

Olha Bogomolets calls on Kyiv medical students to take to the streets (Kyiv Post 28-11-2013)

Nov. 28, 1:47 a.m. Physician, singer and philanthropist Olha Bogomolets called on students of Bogomolets Kyiv National Medical University to join the student protest. Earlier today, university’s students said they were strictly forbidden to join pro-European Union rallies and even threatened with expulsion.

“Those people who forbid you today to go out to the streets and express your position just demonstrate their own cowardice and disgrace the name of your university and the name of a person it was named after,” she wrote in the address on her Facebook page.

Bohomolets is the granddaughter of Oleksandr Bogomolets, one of Ukraine’s greatest doctors, after whom the university was named. He was actually expelled from the university for his activist social positions. This fact though never prevented him from becoming a prominent scientist, she wrote. “Today the whole country needs your help. Hundreds of students from other universities wait for you and so do thousands of parents, brothers and sisters,” Bohomolets added. - Daryna Shevchenko


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