Friday, July 6, 2012

Young activists protest courts corruption with grotesque performance (Kyiv Post)

Ukraine’s notoriously corrupt courts can not only hamper the nation’s development. As it turns, they can also inspire several young people for quite unusual street performance.
Those passing by the grand premises of Ukraine’s Constitutional Court in downtown Kyiv on July 4th could witness an eye-catching, though of highly questionable taste, performance by five members of the previously unknown and obscure Creative Young People Plus movement. Dubbed Judgment in Purgatory, a half-hour performance featured an act of exorcism meant to “cleanse” Ukraine’s judiciary.
The performers didn’t choose the words when it came to refer to Ukraine’s judges with the calls to use the representatives of local judiciary for making soap or salo among the mildest of them.
As it turned, the young men were protesting against the recent court decisions to decrease social benefits to Chornobyl liquidators and the Afghan War veterans, which last fall already led to the mass protests, and even storming the parliament building by angry retirees.

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