Friday, July 13, 2012

Ukrainian Catholic University’s statement regarding Parliament’s language bill (Lviv)

The community of the Ukrainian Catholic University expresses its deep concern over the situation surrounding the passing in its first reading of a language bill that would boost the status of the Russian language.
As the parliamentary elections near, the emergence of this bill was easy to predict – just as with approaching thunderclouds, it is easy to anticipate a downpour. However, the consequences of this prediction for the country are not the same grace: Ukraine is again put on the brink of civil conflict.
For such actions, deputies of any other country would have suffered serious political liabilities. In our disoriented society the deputies expect political gain.
Contrary to false declarations, the bill does not bring harmony in the language situation in Ukraine. Instead, it worsens it by ignoring the national legislation and in particular the Constitution of Ukraine. Structures of the Council of Europe suggested that the position of the Party of Regions and Communists in the language issue clearly worsens the situation of the state language, and therefore cannot promote civic understanding. We share this conclusion.
The purpose of the bill is not to protect the Russian language in Ukraine – it is an implementation of a political order that was formulated not from the Ukrainian perspective and which is extremely dangerous for Ukraine. We call on the Ukrainian society, especially its Russian-speaking population, to oppose this political provocation.
We also call on the united or still dispersed opposition to step forward with their previously declared ability to change the country and prevent the passing of a law which would be devastating for the country.
We encourage the entire Ukrainian society to realize that the political games which are being engineered by the regime around the language issue are inherently immoral and criminal in their consequences. In this situation, the country needs to mobilize healthy patriotism and a sober sense.

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