Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lviv Regional Council calls on Ukrainians to protest against language law (Kyiv Post, Interfax Ukraine)

Lviv Regional Council has called for boycott of "occupation institutions, members of pro-regime parties and officials" due to the adoption of the language law by the Verkhovna Rada. Such a call is contained in an address to Ukrainians, which was adopted on Wednesday at an extraordinary session of Lviv Regional Council. The council also called on Ukrainians to participate in protests.
"Participate in indefinite protests for your language at home and in independent Ukraine. It's necessary to meet together to demonstrate our dominance of our own land ... We are a nation that has always found the strength to revolt at times of the greatest public darkness. We have accepted the challenge of the Ukrainophobes, and we will inevitably beat them," reads the address.
Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy said in his speech that voting for the bill was criminal and therefore this parliament should be dissolved. "This was done for the sake of those forces, for which Ukraine is a bone in the throat. This parliament should be dissolved, and this law cannot be signed. It is aimed against every Ukrainian citizen and against common sense," Sadovy said.

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