Friday, July 6, 2012

Hackers warn of retaliation for language law (Kyiv Post)

Anonymous hackers have announced they would take revenge on Ukrainian authorities for the July 3 passage of a controversial language bill that would make Russian an official language in parts of Ukraine.
According to the Youtube address of the Anonymous, an international hacker activist group with a chapter in Ukraine, the plan is to launch a DOS attack on the official web pages of Ukrainian authorities, including the page of the president, ministries and Verkhovna Rada, or parliament.
“We support this protest and will do everything possible that we can…We should not be afraid of authorities, they should be afraid of us, respect the people, whom they serve, whose interest they represent and protect,” says the statement. The group did not say when the attacks will begin.
Anonymous hackers have previously brought down several official websites on Feb. 1, the next day after the police shut down one of the most famous Ukrainian file sharing web site The controversial site was accused of breaking the law on intellectual property. Some official governmental web sites were down for days. Later the accusations against were dropped and the file sharing web page started function again.

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