Sunday, July 8, 2012

Adoption of language law destabilizing situation in Ukraine, says Lviv Regional Administration (Interfax Ukraine)

The leadership of Lviv Regional State Administration believes that the adoption of the language law on July 3 was wrong and led to the destabilization of social and political situation in the country, according to the statement signed by Head of Lviv Regional State Administration Mykhailo Kostiuk and his deputies.
Lviv Regional State Administration said in a statement posted on its Web site on July 6 that over the last few days, protesters had been obstructing the entrance of the administration's officials to their work, thereby preventing them from executing their official duties.
"In this regard, we believe it necessary to state that our hearts also bleed over the manifestations of Ukrainophobia in the country and the attacks on the Ukrainian culture. We remember and respect our origins, traditions and culture, and view the decision of the Verkhovna Rada to adopt the law on the principles of the state language policy as wrong, leading to social and political instability and resentment from the Ukrainian people," the statement reads.
The leadership of Lviv Regional State Administration believes that the president of Ukraine "as a guarantor of the Constitution, after a thorough and comprehensive study of the situation in the state, will take the right decision that will fully comply with the requirements of the Fundamental Law."
As reported, protesters against the language law said they would allow officials of Lviv Regional State Administration to their work only after they sign the statement that they support the call to veto the language law.

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