Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lvov or Lviv: lessons for Dutch Broadcasting Network

Apart from the defeat of the Dutch against Denmark, something else remarkable happened. When introducing the match Tom Egbers, anchorman of the program, pointed out that the match would take place in Lvov. On first side it simply looked as if mr. Egbers just made an error. A kind of slip of the tong. But he kept repeating this 'mistake' and called Lviv 'Lvov'.

As everyone knows the question of spelling is a very sensitive issue in Ukraine. As our local Lviv correspondent explains: "Lvov is surely the Russian spelling for the city's name. It is offensive since it reminds of the Soviet times of occupation. We never pronounce the name of our city this way. It is something like in Belgium the Flemish do not like their cities be spelled French way."

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